UTOPIA unbedingt

Greifswalderstrasse 29

10405 Berlin



---Amerta -------------------------------------------------



Workshop in Berlin


Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of June

Bettina Mainz and Michael Dick


AMERTA as an ART or LIFE - orienting PATH


We will look at Amerta Practice differentiating its artistic expression from its illuminative effects - which may or may not be performative. There will be guided sessions adressing the differences and specificities. 

you can bring material and together we look at it from this perspective. We are very much looking forward to this.


UTOPIA unbedingt“, Greifswalder Str. 29, Hinterhaus , linker Aufgang, 2. Stock

(rear house, left entrance stairway, 2. floor)
10405 Berlin, (Tram 4 , Hufeland Str.)

Close to the studio there is a park and a lively neighbourhood with interesting places to move outdoors.



we would like to ask for an average fee of 25,- for one / each session.

Who can afford to give more will support others giving less.


contact: tina_mainz@web.de   www.schule-der-bewegung.net



Amerta mit Prapto

28. July – 2. August 2017

       Halscheid/ Windecker Land

        (www.hof-kuppen.de)                                              noch einige freie Plätze


         für diesen Seminar sind Familien herzlichst eingeladen


      Joged Amerta - Suprapto Suryodarmo

         Movement Mantras –  teilnehmendes Gewahrsein in Bewegung


       Kinder Amerta-Lena Tempich Bettina Mainz

                Movement in Play- draußen verwegen bewegen


      € 490- /430,- Frühbucher bis zum 14.Mai

       Ermäßigung  für Paare 400,- Frühbucher

  weitere Reduktion für Familien auf Anfrage

       Bildungsgutschein möglich.


       info und Anmeldung ; tina-mainz@web.de




Berlin improvised music & dance session is happening every two month at 

Utopiaunbedingt                                                     www.limitationes.com










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